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Negotiate Like a Professional for Your Next Home.

Negotiate Like a Professional  Home Value Location, Location, Location.  How many times have you heard those words?  They cannot be spoken enough.  The location of your home will affect its value the most.  Why?  Because the better the location of your home, the higher its value. What is a good ...

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What your Realtor MUST KNOW to sell your rooftop solar home.

Thinking of selling your rooftop solar home? Must ask questions of your Realtor Before you sign the listing agreement. In teaching my Continuing Education class, Solar Myths & Realities, to licensed Realtors, I all too often hear horror stories about Realtors who are clueless about rooftop solar, yet they acquire ...

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Do you have a Victorian Funeral Hair Wreath in Your Family?

Before I started writing The Funeral Home from EBooksbyJoyceFreese.com, I researched Victorian funeral customs. One that caught my attention was the Victorian Funeral Hair Wreath. I was familiar with this custom because one of my clients had one on her wall. I am a Realtor of 35+ years, and I remember ...

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